Sahara Tourism in Tunisia

Tunisia is located in the northern part of African continent and is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea. The size of the country is almost equivalent to the state of Georgia and the language groups there are largely the Arabic speakers as well as French. One of country’s most eminent and prolific features is the Sahara Desert. This is the largest desert in the world and covers many nations in Africa but Tunisia has a bigger share of the desert hence giving it the authenticity and originality that is the background to the Tunisian Sahara tourism. The desert is definitely one of the best places to visit once in a lifetime. You will get close to the hottest and driest places on earth with large tracks of sand that span from a horizon to the other. In fact the Sahara is largely sand that is clean, golden and welcoming.




If you have heard of Tuaregs and their activities as well as the camel being branded the ship of the desert, you are bound to get cozy and closer as well experiencing all that is related to desert lifestyles. For instance the famous Chott el Djerid is the location for the film Star Wars and is generally the largest salt pan of Sahara. The Chott el Djerid is located in the southern Tunisia and has numerous picturesque cases to take a visit and have a sightseeing experience. Some of these beautiful Saharan towns and beautiful sites include those in Tamerza, Chebika, Kenili, Dou, Bled el Djerid and Mides among others. Those who get an opportunity to visit these sites during the month of December are met with opportunities of participating in Sahara Festivals which are much thrilling and entertaining.




Every desert has a different captivating point that is different from each other. So the Sahara tourism will enable one to get closer and have personalized and special opportunity to sample the entire desert features. For instance, you are able to visit oasis in deserts. Oasis is water holding places in deserts, this water is due to flash rains that are associated to deserts and one can easily get close to oasis when you visit Djerid. Towards the north side of the Djerid lie oases that are located on the high altitudes. These sites can be accessed when in Tamerza, Mides and Chebika and you are also able to enjoy beautiful scenic view of the hill. Some of these oases have other features too for instance the Tamerza is the largest mountain oasis lying north of the salt lakes and has two waterfalls, a town and a gorge. This is a complete sight seeing ingredient that will print the scenario long enough in your brain.

When on your Sahara tourism trail you will not fail to notice the Medias oasis which is an attractive mountain oasis and has among its features a gorgeous gorge which extends for about 3 kilometers. What makes the gorge magnificent is the shape and color. It is round in shape and has contrasting colors that supplement each other making the whole scenario a captivating occasion. The Chebika oasis on the other hand is located on the north side of Tunisian Chotts and is made up of many desert oases which are also exposed to sun



When still sampling the Sahara, and you are by chance taken to the south east of the Chott, you will be met by the Nefzaous oases which includes the Kebili and Douz oases. These two spackle and are also among the largest desert oases. The village is also a gateway to the Sahara desert celebration festival in the month of December. Some of the most fascinating features with Sahara tourism is the fact that you will be exposed to the native lifestyle and how things still run in such villages. For instance your visit to Douz village will bring you head on with weekly Thursday markets that essentially deal with carpets, animal stocks and camels. Camels are treasured animals in the Sahara desert because of their ability to transport people and goods across the desert to other destinations.

You might turn out lucky and purchase a camel for yourself as you also tour the Sahara. The desert has also added hue to many natural occurring landscapes such as the oases in Djerid which are also known as the Bled el Djerid and are densely populated by local inhabitants. This semi desert region which is also christened ‘Palm Leaf’ features hills with pink pigments. The pink coloration is due to the barrenness and the numerous oases and salt pans too. That offers a great site for those visiting the Sahara or those carrying out studies here. One traversing the vast Sahara desert will honestly get a life time experience that can not be measured or gained from an artificial replica.

Do not miss camel trips across the desert as no vehicle will take you there but the diligent, patient and enduring desert ships. Camels are many and friendly here. You can take pictures of the Sahara desert while on top of a camel as well enjoying the beauty of watching these natural occurring features from an inclined angel on the back of a camel. As you tour the desert you will also get the desert hotels and motels that will guarantee you comfort even in a desert. The heat there will add even passion and the beauty of visiting as you get air conditioned room in such hotels as well as ice cold water fort quenching thirst that is eminent in such expeditions.

The weather changes as you experience hot days and very cold nights. As well as having an opportunity to see whirlwinds that is just as strong as tornados. So the Sahara tourism offers you two sides of rare experience of touring a desert, the hot days on backs of camels as well as cold nights in tents with borne fires and fork tales on traditional expeditions as you cool down.