Tunis Important Museums: Overview

In Tunis, the eponymous capital, you can visit the mosque Zitouna, free access.

The mosqie Zitouna is a World Heritage Site, it’s Tunisia’s largest mosque (after the new mosque built in Carthage recently). Zitouna was Built in the 9th century, the exterior galleries have high arches held up by slim columns and face stalls selling books, dried fruit, perfume and cloth.

But there is no doubt, that its crown jewel is the Bardo Museum, which houses one of the most valuable collections of Roman mosaics.

The same works in a former palace of the beys Husayn, who ruled the region between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Another very popular museum is the National Museum of Carthage, which is worth seeing.

To the east of the city rises the medina of Tunis, a group of streets and alleys where there are many centers of commerce.