Tunisia offers an exciting and vital Medina. The medina is a collection of streets and alleyways filled with a colorful array of wares and markets. If you want to purchase Tunisian accessories, the Medina is the heart of your destination.

There are two main streets for shopping, the rue de la Kasbah and the rue Jemaa Zitouna. These streets lead deeply into the medina. Local Tunisian merchants are friendly and helpful, eager to help you find the perfect accessories.

Tunisian locals offer fine treasures such as jewelry. Inspired by the Middle East, this jewelry is frequently engraved or filigreed. Intricate details make each piece a stunning original. Tunisian jewelry, such as authentic Berber bracelets can be found here. This jewelry is heavier and exquisite. Prices are determined by both silver content and the amount of workmanship used to create the intricate pieces.

Berber necklaces often have silver pieces and glass beads, coins or coral. A reputable shop will show you the silver stamp, although on very old pieces this has sometimes been worn away.

Copies of original jewelry are easier to locate and just as beautiful as original jewelry. Copies of Berber necklaces are also lighter weight and easier to wear. Tunisian jewelry features symbols such as the fish, hands of Fatima, triangles and arches.

Many items can be found in the Medina. The souks, traditional marketplaces display leather goods, and shoes, as well as brass plates and porcelain bowls. You will be fascinated to watch the ancient making of chichoua, ‘Fez’ hats which you may then purchase.

Bright and colorful clothing, such as delicate slippers, cotton blouses, woolen tops and kaftans, are displayed in the warm sun. Another Tunisian ware is copper. This copper is enameled, chiseled or engraved. Ochre and black Sejnane pottery is very popular and makes a wonderful display at home.

Tunisian locals are also specialized in making carpets. These carpets, lovingly made, can be purchased for reasonable prices. As well as its jewelry, Tunisian carpets can have woven symbols to ward off the evil eye or insure fertility. Reasonably priced, these carpets are exotic and colorful Malang.

The medina is home to many shops specializing in unusual accessories and treasures. One such shop sells local bee products. Exotic hair oils, hand creams and eucalyptus honey are wonderful treasures to find. Another market sells dates stuffed with pistachio paste or dried apricots. These treats provide wonderfully gifts.

Exploring the Medina is fascinating, but hungry, work. Vacationers stopping at local cafes will be pleased to find mouth-watering olives, local Berber breads, Berber pancakes and cheeses. Other cafes offer cooling juices to re-energize you. Wonderful treasures and accessories will make exploration of Tunisia’s medina your favorite holiday pastime. No holiday is complete without accessories to remind you of your wonderful experiences in Tunisia, a land of beauty.