Taking a gap year is a good way to push pause on your academics, network with people all around the world, gain valuable life experience (particularly the kind which can’t be obtained in a class room) and of course, have fun.

A gap year, for those unfamiliar, is not necessarily a specific 365 days but rather a sabbatical from the routine of the school year. Those individuals experiencing a gap year (usually either right before college or in the middle of it) venture off into the world in order to experience new things.

One potential destination for gap year practitioners is Tunisia, which is rich in both history and nature. Here are some ways to enjoy your time in Tunisia.

Visit the Beaches

You may not think it, but Tunisia is home to a wide array of beautiful shores.

Water sports are a popular draw, so pack some trunks or your favorite bathing suit and be prepared to swim. Whether you want to go wind sailing, lay around on soft sand, hike through rocky shores or just dip your toes in the cool water, there are likely activities to accommodate you.

One of the most famous beaches in the country is Hammamet Beach.

Ride Through the Desert

On the other end of the spectrum, there is the Sahara Desert. The Sahara’s vast and seemingly endless plains present the perfect opportunity to get away from it all.

Take a trip through the desert’s high hills, sharp turns and wide, open spaces, while making pit-stops in a real-life desert oasis.

This will also give you the opportunity to meet many friendly locals.

One note of warning here: the desert is the desert. It gets very hot, so be prepared with sunscreen and plenty of water. If you are sensitive to the heat, you may want to skip this option.

Stroll Through History

Tunisia’s Bardo National Museum presents visitors with the rare opportunity to walk through the history, as some contents of the Bardo Museum predate most current civilizations. Ancient Roman mosaics, Greek statues and other treasures are housed within its walls. In fact, even those walls are history – once upon a time, the museum was a great palace.

Speak with the Locals and Learn the Culture

One of the best parts of visiting a foreign country for an extended period of time is the opportunity to discover lesser-known treasures. The best way to find these spots is to talk to the locals. Immerse yourself in the culture: try the food, wear the clothes and take every chance provided to learn something new from the people who have made their lives in Tunisia.


Though Tunisia is a place where you can have fun and enjoy life, it is also a place where you can learn new things, whether that means mastering a new sport, becoming fluent in the language, or gaining knowledge in ancient art. These skills will remain with you as you complete your gap year and head back to school or work, making you a more well-rounded person overall.