It might not be the hub for budget flights and hold the tourist appeal that some areas of Tunisia boast, but Tabarka is still an interesting location for a lot of visitors.

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Armed with an excellent reputation for fishing and jazz, it’s no surprise to see an abundance of hotels offering varied unique selling points. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the best accommodation in this North West region.

Tabarka Beach

With a name like Tabarka Beach, the immediate assumption is that this hotel is right in the middle of the tourist zone. However, that’s entirely not the case and instead, it’s set aside from the hustle and bustle of other accommodation in the area. It still manages to benefit from some terrific beach views and as well as this, it also boasts several large pools perched right beside their own private beach. In terms of the food, this is some of the most varied around and whether you are a seasoned meat eater or the typical vegetarian, Tabarka Beach is very accommodating and you’ll be satisfied for every night of your stay.

Hotel Mehari Tabarka

Having opened its doors several years ago, Hotel Mehari Tabarka is everything what you’d expect from the typical Tunisian hotel. It offers comfortable rooms but perhaps more importantly for most visitors, it again sits right next to the beach. There’s an on-site gym, exceptionally friendly staff while the food is worth a mention alone. This is another establishment which seems to pride itself on creating umpteen menus although perhaps in contrast to some nearby hotels, Hotel Mehari Tabarka seems to place more emphasis on healthy eating with their vegetarian and fruit-related dishes being something else.

Hotel Dar Ismail

In comparison to the previous two hotels we have looked at, Hotel Dar Ismail is probably more suited to those holidaymakers who are looking for the active break. It holds countless facilities on-site, with water polo, beach volleyball and exercise classes all being available. There’s also plenty going on during the evening and if you are into your late-night singing and dancing shows, this establishment will be right up your street. We should give a special mention to the cleanliness of the rooms and friendliness of the staff as well, with both being second to none.

Les Mimosas

It would be fair to say that Les Mimosas differs greatly from any of the other hotels that have been reviewed thus far. Rather than being a new-build, the great thing about this establishment is its character with the building being an old mansion that has been recently converted to hotel use. It’s perched on a hill, meaning that the views are great, while it’s just a ten minute walk to the nearby beaches. In short, this hotel oozes culture and is ideal if you want to experience the typical Tunisian experience.

Golf Beach Hotel

As the name suggests, this hotel is perfect for golf enthusiasts and those that like to top up their tan at the beach. Both are in very close proximity, although this isn’t the only reason why the Golf Beach Hotel should be utilised. It would be fair to describe the rooms as satisfactory, although anyone staying here is unlikely to be spending much time in their suite anyhow with countless activities being on offer. Animation programmes have been released for the kids, while anyone can take part in the volleyball and water polo events that are regularly organised for guests.

Royal Golf Hotel Tabarka

Again, anyone who has visited Tunisia for its golfing exploits should be attracted to this hotel. It has a local golf course right on its doorstep, while we should also mention that the beach is no further than 200m away across the road. For those that can’t get enough action on their holiday, the Royal Golf Hotel organises regularly table tennis, beach volleyball, tennis, mini golf and even archery on site. The rooms at this hotel are larger than average, while the restaurant is certainly acceptable and provides for arange of cuisines.

Abou Nawas Montazah Tabarka

Considering the fact that most rooms at the Abou Nawas Montazah boast terrific sea rooms, this is one of the ultimate choices in the area because of its low prices. You can almost literally roll out of bed and onto the beach, with most visitors simply reserving the whole of their holiday for the wonderful dunes that are situated on the doorstep. This is another hotel which organises plenty of activities and for those that like to indulge in relaxation, there is even an on-site massage facility.

Yadis Morjane Tabarka

This seems to be one of the newer hotels in Tabarka and subsequently offers a slightly more modern approach to guests. It is again situated right next to a beach and while not all rooms offer that stunning sea view, the fact that you can walk just a few yards and take advantage of the sand is perfectly acceptable to most. The on-site restaurant seems to target a more Tunisian cuisine but is still worthy of a mention, while all of the staff at Yadis Morjane are very friendly and will benefit your stay.

Hotel Itropika

This is another traditional Tunisian hotel, although this is by no means a bad thing. While the rooms of Hotel Itropika don’t replicate what one might find in some European countries, they are certainly enticing and made even more impressive by their stunning sea views. Most guests will take advantage of the sea which is again a stone’s throw away from most rooms, but a special mention should be given to the pool which is probably one of the best around. There is also an indoor pool and spa, for those visiting the country in the cooler months.

VClub Tabarka

And finally, here’s the VClub Tabarka. Just like most of the suggestions on our list, this is another that is situated right beside the sea. The views are subsequently picturesque, although this isn’t all what VClub has to offer. The rooms are spacious, there are bars and restaurants on site, while there are an abundance of fine restaurants in the local village.