The country’s culture, art, lifestyle, beauty are not the only things that make Tunisia an amazing place.

The old fashioned and very famous train called the Lezard Rouge.

Tunisia is very famous for this train and it is specifically open for the tourists who come to this country.

The train goes nearly everywhere in the country from the desert to the rocky mountains.

Currently, the Lezard Rouge rums all the way from Metlaoui to as far as Redeyef. The train leaves each and every day with the exception of Mondays. Departing from Metlaoui, it takes only 40 minutes to cover the whole distance to Redeyef. While on the Lezard Rogue, you will have the opportunity of amazing sights and views. From the flat deserts, sparkling clear springs to the high hills and valleys, Tunisia provides everything! Another bonus to this train is that it passes through a local market where the train gives a long and loud whistle all trhough the market.

The Lezard Rouge was once known as the royal train the Bey of Tunisia. The train’s main purpose was to transport all the phosphate mines from Metaloui but is now mainly a tourist attraction. Lezard Rouge was originally a mining train that was made to carry all the phosphates to a different location.

Now, each day the train departs from Metalaoui. On Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays, the train leaves Metalaoui at 10:30 am sharp. On the other days like Tuesday and Friday, the train departs right at 10 am in the morning.