What is a vacation getaway without a place to spend your money in hopes of winning a literal Jackpot? After all, nothing spikes the blood and sends the adrenaline sky high quite as much as a little gambling venture. And if you’re lucky, you could end up walking away with a lot more than you arrived with. If you’re rolling the dice at one of Tunisia’s many deluxe casinos, this could easily translate to more money to spend: at the beach, at the cultural centers, in the markets and maybe even pay for the trip home.


The casinos are located in different locations, and part of the ritzy nightlife available in Tunisia. Perhaps one of the most popular casinos is the Cleopatra located in Hammamet.

Games and Other Options

There are games to suit everyone’s personal preference. If you favor the cards, there are games of poker, blackjack and more; if you are more of a lever-puller, there are multiple pokies as well. And, if you do not want to spend all your money but would rather just enjoy the glitzy, shinning ambiance, there are bars and entertainment sites aplenty.

Dress Up

One thing to remember about Tunisian casinos is that with luxury and excitement comes a price – and not just the price of the chips you buy at the counter. Since they are upscale, there is generally a dress code, so if you’re a woman put on those heels and if you’re a man, make sure you have a tie.

Tunisia casinos offer you the chance to step into a scenery full of glamour and excitement. So even if you went for the desert hikes or the wild water sports, don’t forget an evening jacket because you can still slip away into the night for a little gambling fun.

The nightlife in Tunisia is definitely more entertaining than your hotel disco!

Head out into places like Hammamet, Sousse, Port el Kantaoui, Tunis and there are plenty of lively bars and clubs that are open 24 x 7 and are ideal for parties.

You can also try the Cocoloco, Calypso or Red Iguana in Port el Kantaoui, Manhattan in Hammamet, Fun Pub and the Bonapartes in Sousse. If you do so, you will be one tired and happy person at the end of the evening.