When daily life has begun to wear you down and you find yourself in need of a relaxing – but active – vacation, Tunisia should be at the top of the list for potential destinations. This is because the country, which sits at the most northern point in Africa, provides perfect conditions for a large number of sports, be they water-oriented, sand-based or something in the middle. Read on for a list of sports activities worth pursuing in the country.

Desert Hikes

Since Tunisia provides a gateway into perhaps the most famous desert of all, the Sahara, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that desert hikes are a popular draw. Participants are guided on a voyage across dunes, may be accompanied by camels and can hike for a day or go on a more extensive, time-consuming journey through the sand.


Many people no longer have the experience of riding out into the wilderness and catching the food they will bring home and eat. But in Tunisia, hunters can mount a horse and head out into the mountains in search of a wide variety of game. One thing to note about hunting in Tunisia is that it requires a license. You will need to acquire this, particularly if you have never hunted in Europe before.

Horseback Riding

Then again, hunting isn’t for everyone and that shouldn’t mean missing on experiencing the majestic horses that are housed in Tunisia, nor the open plains in which they ride andalas. In fact, just plain horseback riding is a popular draw, as many venture through the deserts and the beaches on horseback.


Nothing screams “getting away from it all” like climbing on a boat and unfurling the sail. You can travel through the waters surrounding Tunisia in a sailboat, with the wind in your hair, either alone (if you are an experienced sailor with your own boat – you can find several places to rent one) or accompanied by a professional guide.


While you are interested in sailing, consider paragliding – a sport wherein you are basically launched into the air with a harness and a special parachute (sometimes referred to as a wing). Through careful navigation, paragliders are able to say in the air for quite a while, all while taking in the sight of the world from above. For those with no experience, it is easy to find a paragliding instructor in Tunisia, where the sport is popular.


Because there is so much variety in Tunisia – in terrain, in atmosphere, and a lot of distance, cycling is a popular sport for tourists. Many people take their bikes into the country with a backpack, a lot of water and an eagerness to explore the countryside with just two wheels under them. There are many hills, particularly in desert regions, so only experienced bikers should plot their own journey.

Preview it All

To get a small preview of what the many of the sport activities would include, consider riding the Red Lizard Train (established in the early years of the 20th Century), which carries visitors through the desert and beachfronts alike – allowing them to get a glimpse at the scenery, the activities and the fun.