You would be extremely surprised at how easy it is while traveling in Tunis to pick up those few souvenirs that are a must have during any form of traveling.

Although Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, is not known for its expansive shopping malls and high rise buildings featuring large shopping stores, it is the place to go to get local items and native arts and crafts from the area.

One of the more unique things about shopping in Tunis is that the vast majority of markets are outdoor venues. This is prime grounds for locals to sell their own items, including food, arts, and crafts. The thing you will notice is that prices will seem a little bit expensive, but you can negotiate with the vendors on nearly everything they are selling.

Below are a few good places for shopping.

The Souks

If you are staying inside the city of Tunis, you will find that just a short drive outside of it you will find a place known as “The Souks”. This is simply Arabic for “market”. If you are really looking for nice local arts and crafts, this would be the place to visit. It ranges from small little nick-knacks that you might want to give to family and friends when you get back home, to much more expensive and high-quality items such as pottery, ceramics, leather work, carpets, woodwork, woven goods, copper and tin creations, custom kitchen items, and of course jewelry. This area is open seven days a week and is often visited by tourists visiting the area.

The Central Market

This is the area known primarily for their food. If you are visiting for quite sometime and hope to experience some of the local foods then this would be a great area to go. It is one of the older areas of Tunis and was established in the nineteenth century. It is where most of the locals will visit to buy their cheeses, breads, olives, fruits, pickles, and other vegetables. Another unique thing you will find is handmade baskets. These make awesome gifts for family and friends!

Tunisia Court

This is a very unique area to visit for shopping. It is home to several local and designer stores. It has a very village-like feel to it that is great to walk around and look at. Some of those mentioned above do not have the visual appeal but they are very functional. This is one area that is not really known for its stores as much as it is for its architecture and feel. It was designed after Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai. It is a smaller version but is still very impressive. I would highly recommend it to anyone visiting the area.

Tunis City Mall

If you are looking for a little Asuransi Kesehatan Indonesia or western feel for your shopping experience, Tunis City Mall will be a good choice. This is the largest shopping center in Tunis. It stretches over 12,000 feet and is filled with some great and recognizable shopping stores. It also contains eight recognizable fast food locations to westerners with a large seating area that can accommodate 600 people. Want to get your signature clothes and items that you can expect in a shopping center? Tunis City Mall would be a great place.